Running a school or division effectively takes focused attention. Making good administrative hires is time consuming and vitally important. Retaining Southern Teachers Agency to handle your administrative search has the dual benefit of freeing up your time while making sure you get the best candidate pool possible. In a retained search, we craft every element of our services to your needs. Though every search is different (because every school and every search is unique), during a typical retained search the counselors at Southern Teachers Agency will

  • visit your school to speak with those you see fit including the head of school, senior administrators, teachers, students, parents, and trustees in order to get a clear feel for your school culture and how the various school constituencies view the needs for the position
  • help craft an opportunity statement or vacancy announcement for reaching potential candidates
  • post advertisements in various print and media sources to cast as wide or focused a net as you see fit
  • interview candidates focusing on their strengths and experiences as school administrators or teacher leaders to determine fit with your school
  • contact candidates’ references who can speak to their performance and potential as school leaders
  • request materials of candidates specific to your search (cover letters, educational philosophies, writing samples, video resumes etc.)
  • screen candidates according to your criteria to provide a focused and qualified candidate pool
  • provide written summary evaluations to aid your committee as they examine each file
  • act as a liaison between you and candidates during the entire search process

We allow you to focus on the most important elements of your job while making sure that you have the best candidate pool possible all in a process you dictate according to your and your school’s needs.

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