Thursdays @ STA

Back in the day, searching for a job often meant spending lots of time and money travelling to recruitment events.  No more.

STA is delighted to announce our new virtual recruitment fairs!

On a dozen Thursdays over the entire course of the hiring season, STA will host virtual events enabling you to digitally meet school administrators face-to-face and interview for hundreds of jobs at the best schools in the South.

STA candidates will register for an event, receive invitations to interview, and then schedule conversations.  At the designated time on Thursday, you'll join a video chat and explain to the school administrator why you deserve the job!

Here's our complete Thursday @ STA schedule for 2014:

                                        February 6                                        May 8
                                        February 20                                      May 22
                                        March 13                                          June 19
                                        March 27                                          July 17
                                        April 10                                             August 7
                                        April 24                                         

We're investing in technology to make your job search easier and more efficient.  So if it's Thursday, come to STA!

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