General Requirements for Candidates

Private & independent schools frequently have greater flexibility in their hiring than do public schools.  As a result, teacher certification is not required for most middle and high school teaching positions in private schools.  Generally speaking, candidates should have a bachelor's degree in the same field as their teaching field (e.g., a math major could be hired to teach 9th-grade algebra).

Some roles, however, do have more stringent requirements. 

Elementary Education:  Teacher certification required.  Moreover, the strong private schools with which STA works will seldom hire elementary teachers who do not have substantial teaching experience.  STA can help elementary candidates who have: 

  • a superior academic record (undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher),
  • very strong professional recommendations,
  • at least two or three years of full-time classroom experience, and
  • significant geographic flexibility in their search.

Art, Music, and Physical Education:  Teacher certification strongly preferred

Learning Specialist:  Teacher certification typically required

Media Specialist/Librarian MLS or comparable degree typically required

School Counselor:  Master's degree in counselor education.  Most good private schools will only hire experienced school counselors.

College Counselor:  Master's degree in counseling desirable, but not typically required.  Experience either in the field of college counseling or in college admissions is essential.

School Administration:  Master's degree strongly preferred for most jobs, but not necessarily a master's in school administration.